Semi-Automatic Wire Testing

Introducing a new class of test equipment: The HCT-201 Semi-Automatic Continuity Tester

HCT-201BThe HCT-201 Handheld Continuity Tester is a unique product using our patent pending “Instant Calibration Technology”.

The purpose of the HCT-201 is to bridge the gap between complex, automated wire testers and manual testing with ohm meters and wire lists.

The device is simple to use and avoids costly test adapters when only a few wires need to be tested:

  • Production harness installation
  • Field Modifications
  • Complex prototypes – where the manufacturing of test adapters is not practical.

The HCT-201 is battery operated and can run for days on a single charge from its USB port.

Receive File Success

Easy operation with user prompts

Wire lists are downloaded into the device using a USB connection from a host computer. The operator is then guided through the testing and the pass/fail results are stored back in the device ready to be uploaded to the host.

Since a computer record is generated, the HCT-201 is the ideal solution to satisfy aerospace quality control requirements.

The menus are simple and do not require extensive training.

The user can run through a test and then go back and retest only the failing records – saving valuable time.

Once the testing is complete, results can be uploaded back to the host computer for printing and/or archival. The PC companion program provides rich report formatting with color coding of test status and measured values.

Example of HCT-201 Test Report page
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Prices are less than $1000 in single quantity and volume discounts are available.

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