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Traditional electronic testing generally falls into two categories:

  • High-speed, automatic testing where all the nodes to be tested must be simultaneously connected to the test equipment using expensive test adapters.
  • Manual testing where the user must either follow a written procedure or be knowledgeable enough to read the design documents and manually probe individual nodes. In such cases, test results are either hand recorded, or not recorded at all.

Handheld Semi-Automated Continuity Tester

Shier Solutions, LLC is focused on bridging the gap between the complex automated test equipment and complex manual test procedures.

Our first product: the HCT-201 takes our “semi-automated” test philosophy to the task of wire/harness testing.

The HCT-201 provides the operator with test instructions and records test results which can be transferred to a host computer.

Additionally, we are currently developing a series of intelligent handheld instruments for functional testing that allow even novice users to perform skilled test, measurement and repair tasks.

Our MATES systems provide the hardware and software needed to perform a wide variety of diagnostic and repair functions.

Markets include aerospace, military and electronic manufacturers, automotive repair facilities and even do-it-yourselfers.


Specific products in the MATES line will be announced soon.

Shier Solutions also provides Engineering Support Services for your ATE needs.